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The Do’s and Don’ts of Running Your Mobile Notary Business From Your Car

How do you feel about spending countless hours in your car?  As a mom, I do this all day, every day and I am totally ok with it! In fact, I built my business around this very idea.

After many years of teaching and carting my kids around to school, soccer, basketball and ballet, I decided it was time to find a new way of living that allowed for more “me” time between the travel and traffic.

I knew that I needed to find something that gave me freedom and flexibility, would allow me to make a difference, and (my FAVORITE) be out and about all day. That’s where becoming a notary including a loan signing agent and wedding officiant came in!

The time I spend in my car has gone from a mundane daily task to a unique adventure everyday! Here’s a few lessons I’ve learned along the way…


Advice for Mom Notaries Who Enjoy Being Out and About Just Like Me:

  • Organize your trunk space-Purchasing a cheap plastic bin is the best $8 investment I have made.  Make sure to have one labeled for your kid’s personal items (aka junk), and one for your notary business. Keeping your personal office supplies stored safely in your trunk will prevent your from having to take an urgent trip home or to the store to replace a lost supply!  I always have black and blue pens, extra notary stamps, manila folders, binder clips, reams of paper, small and large sized envelopes, oh, and those cute little sign here yellow tabs.
  • Get to know your local coffee shop or restaurant.  Having a work space besides your car is essential and also good for your mind.  A change of scenery for a little while here and there, and of course, most importantly, a place for client meetings.  My favorite workspaces are Barnes and Noble, any Starbucks, and random hotel lobbies or high rise office buildings (hint, hint: all of these places are great locations for you to meet future clients too!!).
  • Buy a car that’s good on gas, but one that is comfortable and makes you feel good.  I love my Chevy! It’s size is just perfect too. To add an extra touch and to make me feel good, I added leather.  There’s something about that smell that is so therapeutic!!!


Here Are Some Things to Consider NOT Doing:

  • DO NOT START YOUR DAY after 10 a.m. In this business as a mom, I wake up at 5:45. I use that time to check email, unwind a little while, prepare my trunk space, put binder clips on loan packets, refresh on some notary state laws.  Not one minute is wasted. Before you know it, kids are at school, it’s now only barely 8 a.m. You are just getting started, but have already accomplished a ton!!
  • DO NOT go back home. Save that for later.  Remember you will have time with your kids after they get out of school. (You know, the crazy homework hours, the dinners, the room messes. Plenty of it!) If you have to make phone calls, park your car somewhere. If you have to meet a client, go somewhere that you can stop at for lunch too. Don’t waste any of your precious minutes. Time is money (and it’s also energy!) – spend it wisely!!
  • DO NOT just sit somewhere and expect the work to come to you. You MUST hustle. Go out, find business, and let it find you. Go introduce yourself to title companies, go meet attorneys, meet your clients, anytime, anywhere. Put yourself on every single social media outlet, from Facebook, Instagram, Alignable App.,  Twitter, LinkedIn, and email and text everyone you know.
  • TRY NOT to miss out on important events in your life or your kid’s lives. You are an example to your kids while you are juggling the amazing career as a notary (and a mom, yes that’s a career too) but you must also lead by example and try to give them the time they deserve as well. You must learn to say no to a client or make an accommodation and put your family at the top of the list too.
  • (This one is important!!) DO NOT compare yourself to other moms. You are fine the way you are. The key is to be yourself in this business. Use what you have been trained to do and put a little bit of a personal spin on it.


The Balancing Act!!!

Being on the road working as a notary and being a mom/uber style driving machine is not always easy.  As a matter of fact, it is super hard!!!!

The key is to be completely organized.  By organized I don’t mean just with the things in the car, but organized with your thoughts, your schedule, your ideas, every moment that you spend doing what you love.

Maintaining your energy is also key. Part of that comes from staying organized and being intentional with your daily schedule, but there is also something completely energizing about loving what you do! The smile I give and the smiles I receive give me that energy.

I lost my abuelo (Spanish for grandpa) a few years ago and ever since then have felt a little empty.  That empty cup gets full really quick when I receive that phone call from a sweet elderly person. I feel like a superhero ready to save the day, a little part of my abuelo stays with me when meeting my clients. I dash back into my car and it’s time to pick up the kids, but I feel so fulfilled, knowing perhaps I made that person’s day.

They aren’t just my clients, but my angels in disguise, helping me feel fulfilled, proud, and at peace each day.

Cristina Angueira, Owner of 305 Notarize, LLC in Miami, Florida www.305notarize.com  – July 11, 2018

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