Practice Areas for Paralegals

There’s never been a better time to be a paralegal.

This field is growing at a rapid rate, and for good reason.  With its flexible education options and a large variety of practice areas to choose from, paralegals are finding many options within the field.

Just as an attorney must choose their area of practice, a paralegal must decide where they would like to devote their concentration. You may find yourself trying out a few different fields before finding the right fit.  Ask yourself the following questions when considering your area of focus:

  • Do I want to work in a field where I am helping others?
  • Do I have an interest in business and corporations, mergers and acquisitions?
  • Does real estate interest me?
  • Will I work well in the health industry?
  • Do I want to work in an office or would I prefer to be independent?

Corporate Law

Most companies of a certain size have their own in-house legal departments. Attorneys and paralegals work together to handle all legal matters, negotiations, contract drafting, as well as company compliance, all of which effect the company. Just as in law firms that handle corporate law, paralegals are essential in assisting with drafting of documents, legal research, compiling executive summaries, and even assist with tax review and other legal issues the company might encounter.

Legal Aid

If find yourself passionate about fighting for the rights of individuals who do not have the financial means for traditional representation, then a career as a legal aid paralegal could be a great fit. From criminal defense support to family law matters, being able to assist in providing legal counsel to those in need and not of strong financial standing attracts many paralegals to this field.  The Legal Aid Society; is a great place to start to learn more about career options in this field.




There are plenty of paralegal careers within the government sector. The requirements of a paralegal are different depending on the specific branch of government, whether State of Federal. Working on legal transactions, legal correspondence, government case management, or working at State court levels within the court system, these are just some of the functions you would find a government paralegal handling.


As a paralegal you can easily find yourself working within the court system. Law clerks as well as paralegals can work for judges by preparing memorandums of law, legal briefs, assisting with drafting decisions and case management. This can be an extremely rewarding career choice, as you will be involved with the judicial side of the law and see how decisions are made. The position may even inspire you to take your career a step further and decide to make that move to law school.


Yes, even hospitals have legal departments that require paralegals. An understanding of healthcare law and the regulations that govern healthcare and hospitals is essential to the function of a paralegal in this role. Work can include discussions and negotiations with insurers pertaining to health insurance policies, working along with in-house attorneys to handle legal matters, as well as researching laws and regulations pertaining to hospital polices and compliance issues.

The law affects our lives every day. The need for attorneys and paralegals to assist us in navigating these issues is a very important part of society. Paralegals are needed everywhere, in every aspect of the law, and not just in law firms. A paralegal career affords many opportunities and avenues to explore areas of practice that are fulfilling.

Many experienced paralegals also choose to become freelance.  This allows them the opportunity to have their own business and work for a variety of companies/law firms. Have you ever considered a career as a freelance paralegal? Or are you looking for a placement as a paralegal?

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