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The NPN Paralegal Services Advantage

One of the benefits of NPN’s document signing services is that many of our notaries are also paralegals. Our document signing company started as a paralegal staffing company 10 years ago and quickly noticed the paralegal/notary connection.

We provide this service at no additional cost to our clients. A notary who is also a paralegal provides a wealth of knowledge to help your signing transaction go smoothly. NPN also finds that many signers are impressed to know their certified notary signing agent holds these credentials. You can rest assured that your transaction will be completed with the professionalism and efficiency it demands. And all this is done at a price that will rival any local or nationwide signing company.

NPN Advantages

Temporary Paralegal Contracts

You can hire NPN paralegals for individual projects and assignments. Contract work can be performed in-office, remotely, virtually, or a combination to meet the client’s needs.

Permanent Placement

Looking to hire a paralegal for your practice? NPN has successfully placed many paralegals in permanent positions throughout the country.

National Projects

NPN’s extensive nationwide paralegal network allows us to provide services for organizations that have many locations, including national law firms. NPN has developed and maintained multiple system protocols for law firms dealing with volume-based projects.

Paralegal Options and Pricing

Interested in learning more about our paralegal staffing services and pricing? 

Clients Are Talking

I have worked with NPN for over four years. Throughout this time, they have been a reliable and responsive partner. I know we can go to them in a pinch and they will always try their best to accommodate our requests and signings. They are great at asking for feedback and making changes accordingly. They have always gone above and beyond for my organization.

J. Anderson, Director of Sales Operations

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