Nationwide Signing Services

Nationwide Signing Services

A nationwide signing service can be a tremendous asset for any document requiring expert notarization. At National Paralegal & Notary (NPN), we know that consistency of document signing service is a key to success. That’s why our nationwide signing service consists of notary professionals who provide the same, prompt, efficient, and knowledgeable notary services, regardless of your location in the U.S. This means that whatever time you need our nationwide signing service and wherever you need us, your documents will be processed by the notary expert you need – one who is familiar with all of the local and national requirements needed to provide the smoothest possible transaction. Count on NPN to provide consistency of service with every transaction, anywhere.

National Signing Services Are Not All Alike

Unlike ordinary signing services, many of the experts available through National Paralegal Notary’s nationwide signing service are paralegals. For you, this means added support and protection against errors in the document signing process. These experienced notaries can help you avoid potential problems that may delay your transaction, such as a flawed execution. A national notary who is also a paralegal has additional knowledge that may help provide a smoother transaction and can easily execute complicated situations and out-of-state notary requirements. Our nationwide signing service professionals do more than just witness signatures. Our nationwide signing service includes a document review that can provide you with needed guidance, particularly when time is critical. Our notary signing company is the largest network of paralegals and notaries in the U.S. and our notary services include work some of the largest lenders and title companies in the industry. In fact, we specialize in notary services for lenders, unlike many general notary service companies that do not have the same level of expertise in the field. We also work with smaller lenders, law firms, and other businesses requiring regular notary service. Plus, using National Paralegal & Notary is easy: Through our online scheduling and monitoring system, we personally manage each signing from inception to completion.

A Nationwide Signing Serve That’s Ready When You Are

From single documents to complex loan packages, National Paralegal & Notary provides a wide variety of nationwide signing services for lenders, regardless of their location. NPN is comprised of professional paralegals and notaries throughout the United States whose expertise ranges from recent graduates to senior level paralegals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. All of our national notaries are thoroughly vetted and qualified to perform any notarization request.

NPN’s nationwide signing service includes:

● Timely and convenient scheduling, with same-day service available in most areas

● Flexible document return, including all major carriers as well as fax/scan return options

● Competitive pricing, volume discounts, as well as simplified billing and payment options

● Added value and expertise because many NPN notaries are also trained paralegals

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