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Notaries: How to Avoid a Business Slow Down

Have you recently found yourself faced with a sudden drop in business? Perhaps you had a steady stream of signings from a notary booking service or a title company and then with little warning, the work seems to dry up overnight.

What can you do to protect yourself from this type of sudden decline? Try these successful strategies in building and maintaining a strong signing business.


1. Know Your Client

It is vital to maintain a healthy relationship with your client. How many people do you know, or more importantly, who know you at your client’s business? It is wise to establish a working relationship with more than just one contact within an organization.  What happens if your only contact leaves? Having multiple relationships will help insure your longevity in the event there are internal changes.


2. Know Your Client’s Business

If your client is a title company that primarily serves one or two mortgage providers; make sure you have a solid understanding of their individual businesses.  What kind of mortgages do they offer? How do they compare to other mortgage providers?  Being well versed on these topics will not only make you more valuable, but will also help you to see trends in the availability of work.


3. Market Yourself

Too often a decline in business is simply an over reliance on current clients and a failure to continue marketing yourself to new prospects. When we first began our notary careers, we were diligent in establishing ourselves through online databases and reaching out to prospects. A healthy signing practice thrives when it has a constant infusion of new clients. Remember that your experience makes you much more valuable than when you first started. Perhaps you have identified a niche in the market that you can focus on. Use that well-earned experience and put a plan in action to make yourself visible.  This can involve online marketing as well as directly contacting potential clients. The more they see and hear from you, the more likely they are to remember you when they need a notary.


4. Enhance Your Online Presence

When was the last time you took inventory of your online notary listings? Make sure they are up to date and accurate. Do you have additional services and experience now that you can add to your listing to set yourself apart from the competition?  Focus on providing simple and clear information.  Those looking to use your services want to get to know you quickly, so make sure the information you provide is well written and as condensed as possible.

It is also a good idea to review where you are listed, especially if they are paid listings.  Evaluate where your signings are originating, and analyze which listings are generating the type of business you want. And while you’re at it, it‘s also important to identify the listings that bring you work you don’t want! An additional evaluation tool is to visit different signing agent portals and see how user friendly they are from a client’s point of view. This is a helpful indicator of where you will receive the most work.


5. Contact Previous Clients

Review your log and identify clients that regularly used your services in the past.  Reach out to them with a friendly reminder that you’ve previously done work for them and are familiar with their signings. Once you reopen communication, tell them that you are expanding your business and would like to know if they know of others who might be in need of your services.  Maintaining ongoing relationships with past clients can prove very fruitful in the signing business.

These five strategies will help prevent business slow downs and insure that you remain a valuable asset to current clients and potential clients alike.  Even with these tips, we all know a successful signing business is rooted in personal reputation and performance.  Take stock and reflect on the impression you leave.  Honestly ask yourself if you are providing the timeliest, thorough, and most accurate signings possible.  Be open to consistently improving your service and then sit back and watch your business grow.

Danny Curnutte, Notary Signing Agent – January 30, 2018

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