Prepare your Notary Business for 2022

Grow your Notary Business

COVID-19 has changed the economy dramatically over the past two years. Businesses must adapt to survive, and this includes mobile notary businesses. If you’ve been trying to navigate your way through it all, you’re not alone. We’ve put together ways to help you enter a new year with confidence and help you grow your notary business.

Here are ways you can be prepared:

1. Understand Your Customer

Few notaries have only one type of customer they can address in their marketing. Clarifying what kind of customer you want to attract and dividing them into clear segments allows your notary business to better target each type of potential customer. A successful entrepreneur knows their ideal client inside and out. Consider what they do in their spare time, what they value most in life, where they go for a night out; these sorts of insights will help you better target that ideal client.

2. Increased Customer Expectations

Never before have customer expectations been this high; consumers expect a seamless experience from your business as soon as they choose to connect with you. Creating these experiences is only possible if you utilize the power of technology and data. Both will help you create a personalized and relevant customer experience when existing and prospective customers interact with you. To ensure a seamless experience, make sure to do some testing. Ensure that your links are working, that you’re funnelling clients to the right place, and that it’s easy to get in touch with you.

Grow your notary business by knowing your customer journey.

3. Analyze Your Customer Journey

Tied to the above, you want to test your customer journey. From the first social media post to searching for information on your website, booking a signing, and navigating follow-up after a signing — all are crucial parts of the customer journey. Customers having a bad experience with one step in their customer journey are less likely to become repeat customers or recommend your business. Bottom line, make it easy for clients and potential clients to work with you.

4. Put Marketing at the Center of Your Growth Strategy

Notary Jane is a directory site for notaries and is our sister company. Executive Members benefit from regular marketing tips on how to grow their notary business. If you’re not yet a member (it’s great value for you), explore Notary Jane’s Blog and Notary Education Tools pages. Learn how to run a thriving Notary business that will add value to your community, add passive income to your existing financial streams, and create a sustainable business that you can depend on.

Grow your notary business with a marketing strategy.

5. Offer Multichannel Services

How are your customers interacting with you? Perhaps you use chatbots, contact emails, and social media inboxes. People prefer to contact businesses in different ways so trying a few methods could prove successful. Don’t forget to include a phone number with your contact information. As much as we live in a digital world, there are clients who still prefer a phone call.

Also, including accessibility measures ensure that everyone, regardless of abilities, can reach you. Your customers expect the same high level of service from all those channels. All of them are equally important and require prompt and planned responses. So, consider how you’re following up through those lines of communication.

To grow your notary business in 2022, your business must focus all of its efforts on building an enjoyable, customer-centric experience. This experience needs to be seamless across all touchpoints and marketing channels.

You’re already doing a great job, now it’s time to take your Notary business to the next level. To stay up-to-date on best practices, tips and tricks, and become part of a thriving Notary community, make sure to check out our membership options.

We touched on how COVID has changed the notary signing business at the beginning of this article. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog article on how COVID has forever changed the notary signings business.


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