Debt Settlement Signing Requires More Than Gathering Signatures

Debt Settlement Signing

Over the past few years, debt settlement signing has become an integral part of a silent but strong growth segment of the financial services sector. As you might expect, that has encouraged a new crop of debt settlement companies that do not always adhere to the high standards that the bulk of the profession does.

At National Paralegal Notary, we understand that our national signing service represents our client and each debt settlement signing is an opportunity to positively reflect your brand. To accomplish this goal, our notary company follows a few simple rules, including:

  • Promptness – Our notaries arrive at each debt settlement signing on time. In the rare case that we expect to be a few minutes late, we communicate this to all parties involved.
  • Decorum – National Paralegal Notary assignments are treated as a professional business meeting and our appearance appropriately reflects that environment.
  • Preparation – We come to each document signing fully prepared to complete the task as efficiently as possible, and also prepared to handle any last-minute issues that may arise.
  • Respect – Consumers at a debt settlement signing are treated with the proper courtesy and respect.

Adhering to all of these guidelines at each debt settlement signing has helped make National Paralegal Notary a leading national document signing company. We understand that the consumers we meet at each debt settlement signing are often scared or wary. NPN has found over the years that the professionalism of our debt settlement signers can contribute to a smooth debt settlement signing transaction.

Our notaries are also trained to recognize any inconsistencies included in the debt settlement signing documents and to alert our clients to these to help complete the transaction in a timely and legal manner.

As your debt settlement signing company, our notary signing company brings added value beyond the scope of the document signing tasks by providing state-of-the-art resources to all aspects of the debt settlement signing process.

Call the Expert Debt Settlement Signing Company

National Paralegal & Notary is a highly experienced network of notaries and paralegals providing national coverage for debt settlement signing. NPN is comprised of professional paralegals and notaries whose expertise ranges from recent graduates to senior level paralegals who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. All NPN notaries are thoroughly vetted and qualified to perform any notarization request.

NPN’s debt settlement signing service includes:

  • Timely and convenient scheduling, with same-day service available in most areas
  • Flexible document return, including all major carries as well as fax/scan return options
  • Competitive pricing, volume discounts, as well as simplified billing and payment options
  • Added value and expertise because many NPN notaries are also trained paralegals.

For more information on our nationwide signing services, call today: (857) 302-5914 or click here to contact us online.