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Avoid These Common Notary Mistakes Made By Signing Agents

Notary Mistakes Nobody is perfect, and even notaries make mistakes. However, knowing the most common notary mistakes can be the best way to avoid them. As Notary Signing Agents, we carry a special responsibility to be knowledgeable and prepared for every signing. After all, we are an extension of the lender, so the level of

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Technology is the Key to Growing…

…Mobile Notary Business Technology has changed loan signing procedures drastically. It is critical for notary signing agents to understand these changes if they want to remain competitive. We all know that speed and accuracy are paramount. Using technology to achieve these goals will certainly set you apart from your competitors. From finding clients, to completing

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Certified Paralegal Study Materials

Getting Paralegal Certified There are a number of different ways to become a certified paralegal. One way is to take a certified paralegal program at an accredited institution. This will give you the opportunity to learn the necessary skills and knowledge required to work as a paralegal. Another way to become a certified paralegal is

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Conservatorship Paralegal

Conservatorship Paralegal Responsibilities The conservatorship paralegal is responsible for assisting the court-appointed conservator in performing their duties. The conservatorship paralegal may be asked to attend court hearings, help the conservator keep track of the ward’s finances, and communicate with family members and other interested parties. The conservatorship paralegal must have excellent communication and organizational skills,

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Advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance paralegal

Freelance Paralegal There are both advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance paralegal. Some of the advantages include having a flexible schedule, being your own boss, and setting your own rates. However, some of the disadvantages can include not having health insurance or other benefits, having irregular income, and being responsible for all your

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