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Apps and Programs for your Notary Signing Agent Business

Notary Signing Agent Apps Both computers and smartphones use applications. We’ve come to know them very well as “apps” on our smartphones. You’ve no doubt used at least one of the programs on this list, but do you know the full capabilities of each, especially on mobile devices? There are millions of apps available, and

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Make Extra Money as a Notary You’ve been a closing agent for a while and now you’re serious about increasing your income, right? At first thought, you’re thinking that you need to find signing services that will pay more per signing and/or just charge more for each signing. These are ways that may help to

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Part Time Notary Signing Agent with a Full Time Job: Making it Work

I’m guessing that when you first heard about becoming a Notary Signing Agent, you didn’t up and quit your day job, right? Odds are that you stumbled across this amazing opportunity while already holding down another position. Maybe you were feeling burned out and wanted a change, or maybe you were searching for an interesting

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Choosing a Business Name and Logo

Make Your Notary Business Stand Out Choosing a business name and logo is as important as your business idea. The right name and logo can attract customers and make you stand out from your competitors. That’s why it’s so important to pick something that’s creative yet communicates what your business is about. But where do

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Bonded Insurance vs Errors & Omissions Insurance-Do you need to carry it?

Notary Bond Insurance What is Notary Bond Insurance? Let’s talk about Notary Bond Insurance. A notary bond is a financial guarantee that a Notary purchases from a surety company (essentially a third-party agreement). The surety company guarantees that you will perform your notary duties in accordance with the law. If you don’t, the company will pay the financially

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A Quick Guide to Notary Public Forms of Identification

Forms of ID for Notary When you need a document signed and you’ve found a Notary that can help you complete your signing transaction, there are a few things to note before your scheduled appointment. It’s important that your Notary has all of the correct information beforehand. Before your meeting, your Notary will inform you

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